3 Important Reasons For Social Bookmarking

In today’s online world, only important thing is to make popular websites because popular websites means more traffic, more fans, more options to monetize your website and more money. No matter what is your reason for creating a website of your own, either your hobby or business idea, you want to make your website popular – you want people to like your website and come back to your website often to see if there is something new and interesting.First thing you want to achieve with your website is to get some visitors, and I would bet your first wish is to get a lot of visitors to your website. How you can achieve that? OK, today there is a lot of different ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, but one of the most popular ways is through social bookmarking (SB). That is a relatively new way to promote your website but apparently people love it since there are hundreds of different social bookmarking websites that people love, visit often and participate in creation and popularity of content on such a websites.Therefore, if you own a website or a blog, even if it is a free hosted blog, or even if you have a fan page on some social networking website, you would want to promote it through bookmarking (SB) websites. Before I give you a list of the three top important reasons for doing social bookmarking, let me give you one quick example of how important and profitable SB can be.I suppose you didn’t hear it before, but I’m a proud owner of one of the most profitable website on the internet, when it comes to simple websites promoting affiliate programs and ads. One great way of driving traffic to that website is through bookmarking (SB) because it seems people love the way I’m promoting my website, in a not pushy and interesting way. Also, recently I’ve started one blog on a free blog platform. Nothing fancy and nothing special, but I’ve made it interesting in a particular way. On that blog, or to be exact one blog post, I was promoting ten products from one affiliate program. With bookmarking to SB websites I was able to drive more than 100,000 visitors in just a three or four days. That earned me more than 3,000 bucks in an easy way. From that example you can see how important, useful and profitable social bookmarking can be, and I’m sure you can find social bookmarking important for your website promotion too. Now, let’s go to the top three important reasons for social bookmarking.Drive free targeted traffic to your website
Since there are hundreds of social bookmarking websites on the internet, with only one smart social bookmarking campaign you can drive thousands of people to your website. Even better, a majority of that traffic will be highly targeted to your website subject and your niche. That means those people who come to your website will be very interested in what you are talking about, what you are offering or what you are selling through your website. That can make a big difference to your website popularity and profitability.Improve your Pagerank and number of links from authority websites
Social bookmarking website are not just “some” websites on the internet. A majority of them have a great value in the eyes of search engines. You can notice that by just looking at Pagerage of most of the social bookmarking websites. The most popular ones have Pagerank of 4 and more, up to 8. Links from such a popular and well ranked websites are great source for links to your websites which will give you a high ranking on search engines, beside the highly targeted traffic.Boost your website popularity
Social bookmarking websites are “edited” by real people who browse those website, check their content and rank it up or down as they like it. That means your link, post or content can become highly popular on such a websites, and your link or content can get viral – people will rank it well, probably share on their blogs or social networking websites. Without much effort done from your side, your link, post or content can be published on hundreds or even thousands of other web properties which will send you additional traffic. That is the main reason why social bookmarking is so powerful and interesting.I will give you one quick example. My blog post, the one I was talking about earlier, was taken from number of social bookmarking websites and it was posted to hundreds of other blogs and social networking websites. I didn’t do anything special to achieve that, it was all done by other people on their own, just because they liked my post on various bookmarking websites. Therefore, if you are not doing any social bookmarking yet, it is time to start submitting your websites to various bookmarking websites and start receiving highly targeted and quality traffic from these very popular websites.

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